Three Steel Behemoths is a little much don't you think?

We're back to proudly present “Another Four Foot Snake Thing” - A Kings of War Grand Tournament. Two days and five games of laid back Kings of War goodness. Excited again? Remember how good it was last time?

Tournament information

A Kings of War Grand Tournament at Element Games, Stockport on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 2019.


Day 1
09:15-09:45 Registration
09:45-10:00 Tournament Briefing
10:00-12:15 Game One
12:15-13:15 Lunch
13:15-15:30 Game Two
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-18:00 Game Three
18:00-05:27 Evening Drinks
Day 2
09:30-09:45 Morning Briefing
09:45-12:00 Game Four
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-15:00 Game Five
15:00-16:00 Awards Presentations


Final scores will be a accumulation of Gaming, Painting and Sportsmanship.

Gaming Scores

Tournament Points (TP's) will be assigned based on the result as follows:

Result Points
Victory 10
Draw 5
Loss 3
Concede -1

Bonus TP's are applied based on the total points cost of enemy units routed.

Kill Points Bonus Points
1–199 1
200-399 2
400-599 3
600-799 4
800-999 5
1000-1199 6
1200-1399 7
1400-1599 8
1600-1799 9
1800-1995 10

Maxium score for gaming: 100 TP's

Hobby Scores

The following paint scoring rubric will be applied:

Please download and complete the self scoring section of the hobby scoring form and bring it with you to the event.

Download the Hobby Scoring Form (PDF)

Note: Not everyone can paint well. Not everyone has time to paint models and these people are absolutely more than welcome to attend our event. If you did not paint your army (commission painted or borrowed army) you will only receive a maximum of 15 points for hobby.

Maxium score for hobby: 45 TP's

Sportsmanship Scores

At the end of the event, you will be asked to name your two favourite opponents. You do NOT need to rank them in order as each vote counts the same.

The first two sports votes you recieve will gain 2 TP. Every vote after that will gain you an additonal 2 TP.

How you judge “sports” is entirely up to you, but may be related to your opponent’s attitude, the fun you had playing, the theme of your opponent’s army etc.

By default, every player starts with 10 points. This is to allow TO's to deduct points if necessary.

In a nutshell, don’t be an arse. Negative sports scoring will not be applied at this event. If a player has acted in a manner that is detrimental to the enjoyment of the event then the organisers reserve the absolute right to remove, modify, change or delete points from the player involved. This should not happen but we have to include this text “just in case”.

Maxium score for sportsmanship: 18 TP's

Timing Out

In the event of a time out, the player must immediately put down all dice and may make no further rolls for the remainder of the game. If there are any unresolved combats, then all charging units bounce back 1” as if failing to rout the enemy.

During the remainder of the game, the player may not issue any order or roll any further dice, including for rules such as regeneration.

Timed out players will also receive a -1 TP penalty.


Late list submission will be penalised -1 TP per day after due date (max -3 TP).


Scenarios will be announced on the day and may include the scenarios from the Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement. Printouts of scenario rules will be provided on the day.

Special Rules & Army Composition

The Clash of Kings 2019 amendments will be used. Until then, the below restrictions should be applied.

Monsters of Four Foot Snake

This is the special bit. In addition to your 1995 point list, you may choose to include one of the Four Foot Snake Monsters listed below. Each Monster has their own distinct set of skills (like Liam Neeson in Taken). There is no additional cost to your list for including one of these characters (You may choose not to take one, that's entirely up to you).

Miniature-wise, players are required to build/model a miniature that is clearly representative of your chosen Monster's unit description, using the correct base size.

A prize will be awarded to the best Four Foot Snake Monster (to be be judged by the organisers). All things will be considered such as theme, painting, conversion quality, hilarity, coolness… It may not just be 'best painted' that wins this side competition.

Jonathan Faulkes

Juggernaut Jon

Taekwon-DOH! Master (Monster)

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De Att Ne
1 7 3+ - 4+ 2 -/15

Thunderous Charge (2), Nimble, Blast (D6), One-Two Punch, Ensnare

One-Two Punch
Damage rolls on melee attacks, against Heroes and Monsters, are resolved with an additional Crushing Strength (2).

Dan King

Darklord Dan

Shambling Behemoth (Monster)

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De Att Ne
1 6 4+ - 4+ 5 14/16

75x75mm Base, Crushing Strength (2), Shambling, Pathfinder, Regenerate (5+), Second Wind

Second Wind
Once per game, before this model is given an order, it gains Speed 8 and the Fly special rule until the end of the turn.

Paul Welsh

Big Little Paul

Ogre Hulk (Monster)

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De Att Ne
1 4 3+ - 5+ (D6+6) -/17

Height 5, 75x75mm Base, Crushing Strength (4), Nimble, Rallying (1), Strider, Fat & Lazy

Fat & Lazy
Before giving this unit an order, roll a die. If the result is a 1 then the unit's Speed value is 3 for the rest of the turn.

Nick Williams

Colossal Nick

Halfling Giant (Monster)

Unit Size Sp Me Ra De Att Ne
1 5 5+ - 5+ 2 12/14

Height 2, Crushing Strength (1), Headstrong, Iron Resolve, Strider, NW P90 Windsoft Rifle

NW P90 Windsoft Rifle
This is a Windblast (7) spell. For each hit caused, in addition to moving the target, roll to damage as normal.

Round Timing & Chess Clocks

Chess clocks will be used throughout the event to ensure that it runs to time and that round time is split fairly between the two players. Each player has 60 minutes to complete their half of the game and there is an additional 15 minutes built into the round time for meeting & greeting, toilet breaks, rules queries etc.

Chess Clocks must be running during terrain placement, deployment, any vanguard moves and throughout the player’s turns. They can be paused for any action involving a roll-off, rules disputes and toilet breaks.

Clocks cannot be paused for normal in-game checks, such as LOS, unless there is genuine disagreement between the two players. A “genuine disagreement” is one that requires pulling out the rulebook or for the TO to rule on the situation.

If a player feels that their opponent is pausing the clock unnecessarily or taking an excessive amount of time off-clock then they must let the TO know as soon as possible.

If a player times out then it is immediate dice-down for them. Any units currently engaged in combat bounce back as if they had failed to rout the enemy. The player may take no further actions during any remaining turns.

At round end it is dice down immediately for both players and the game ends. If the players can see that the round is going to end before they finish their game then they should endeavour to finish the game so each player has had an equal number of turns, e.g. both players should have had 5 turns each as opposed to one player having 5 and the other 6.

Crowd at the Table

If a player feels uncomfortable with the amount of spectators present at their table, they may request they step aside. If this is unsatisfactory to both players then the TO must be called who will make a decision. There is the possibility of penalisation of TP's if a resolution cannot be found.

Tournament Re-Roll

Player's will receive one re-roll token that can be used once per game (for your own dice only).

A re-roll may not be used for first turn, choosing sides or for deciding turn seven. Re-rolls ignore the usual ‘cannot re-roll a re-roll’ rule… re-roll, re-roll… re-roll.


Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third and the wooden snake based on total TP's. The following tie breakers will apply in order:

There will also be prizes for Best Painted/Appearance, Best Sportsman (based on player's vote) and Best FFS Monster Miniature.

There will also be a 'Travelling Man' award for the person travelling from the furthest distance.

Prizes and support is made possible by our amazing sponsors. Please take a minute to check out their websites:

Venue & Directions

The Tournament will be held at:

Element Games
Hallam Business Centre
Hallam St

The car park and entrance are around the back. The store and gaming centre are up the stairs and through the door to the right.


This tournament information may be subject to changes up to two weeks before the tournament.
Refunds will only be given up to one week before the tournament.